Purchasing Services



Whether you are purchasing your first home or your fifth I will help you navigate today's unique market. We will formulate a home search plan that fits your timeline. I will provide proven local lender suggestions that match your specific needs. When we begin your home search you will be prepared with your pre-approval letter, so when the perfect home becomes available we will be ready to make an offer.



In our competitive market small advantages can be powerful. My main goal is to give you every advantage available. I work hard to develop and maintain relationships with local listing agents. From arranging pre-market showings to creative negotiation strategies, I will work hard to get your offer accepted.



In many ways getting an accepted offer is just the beginning. I will help you schedule a home inspection and negotiate items to be fixed. I will work side by side with your lender to ensure a timely appraisal and underwriting process. I will help you arrange service providers, so that your'e home is move in ready when you are handed the keys. 

Let's Work Together

I love helping my clients make big change in their lives. If you're ready to make a change, or maybe need a little encouragement let's start the conversation.